Funded Courses

Skilled Capital

Skilled Capital is an ACT Government training initiative, funded by the ACT and Australian Governments.
Under the Skilled Capital Initiative, Royal Life Saving ACT is able to offer the following training at no cost to eligible students:

  • SISSS00131 – Aquatic Technical Operator (Positions Opening Soon.)
  • SISSS00132 – Swimming and Water Safety Teacher (Positions Opening Soon.)
  • SISSS00133 – Pool Lifeguard

Places are limited and you must meet the eligibility requirements listed below.
Skilled Capital applications close 30 June 2024.

Other Funded Courses

  • Swim Teacher – All Abilities

This course is open to ACT Swim Teachers.

Apply for a Fee-Free Course

Skilled Capital Eligibility Criteria

As a minimum a student must, for the duration of the enrolment, be:
1An Australian citizen, permanent resident, or New Zealand passport holder resident for more than six (6) months, or
3 Living or working in the ACT, and
4 At least 15 years of age, and
5 Not enrolled in or attending secondary school or college except where the student:
  1. a. is undertaking a course of study leading to completion of year 12 in an alternative program, or
  2. b. has an Exemption Certificate and the selected Skilled Capital qualification is an approved ASBA pathway.
6Please note:

  • Students cannot be enrolled into a course they have completed in the past 7 years.
  • On application you will be required to submit evidence supporting your eligibility.
    (e.g. Australian or New Zealand Citizenship or permanent residency can be satisfied by supplying one or more of the following: a dated copy of your Australian Birth Certificate; Australian Passport; Australian Permanent Resident visa; Nationalisation Certificate; Green Medicare Card; NewStart Card).